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Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes goes gold and releases in two weeks

Foam Sword's charming adventure game finally has a launch date, and we don't have to wait long for our bicycles to arrive.

It's sad to say that we'd almost forgotten about Foam Sword Games' Knights and Bikes when Kenneth C.M. Young, the game's audio director, reminded us about it during our interview back in March. Fortunately, we haven't had the same problem since then, as both the demo and trailers have done a great job of raising our expectations.

The developers have announced that Knights and Bikes has gone gold and that it's set to launch on August 27. This gives us two weeks before we'll see if Mr Young can live up to last year's Astro Bot Rescue Mission soundtrack and if the former Media Molecule devs' title can deliver charm and fun throughout the experience.

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Knights and Bikes

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