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Knight of Astora statue from Dark Souls coming next year

The pre-order deadline is in October.

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Gamers and collectibles go hand in hand, as being a fan of a game means there's quite often all sorts of merchandise you can get to go alongside your passion, which is exactly what Play-Asia is offering with their upcoming Knight of Astora from Dark Souls.

The sculpture is 320mm tall (1/6 scale apparently) and is sculpted by Shin Tanabe, with Masaki Akao as the digital sculptor and Katsuhige Akeyama as the painter.

The Knight, otherwise known as Oscar, is the first character in the Undead Asylum that you meet, and the detail that has gone into it is impressive, probably helped by the fact that the statue was supervised by the team at From Software.

"The heroic beauty created by the western armor and the elegant stitch work on the surcoat makes him a very classic elite knight," the description reads. "Astora's Straight Sword and Crest Shield wielded by Oscar are sharply sculpted digitally first; then the minute details are sculpted by hand. The chainmail of the prototype seen on the chest, arms and waist was woven and produced in the same way as real armor, just at a much smaller scale."

That's not all, though, as Dark Souls fans will also remember that Crystal Lizards were in the game too, those little sparkly creatures that contained valuable loot if you could catch them, and you can get a replica of one of these too. This is in the same 1/6 scale and is a bonus if you pre-order the Oscar statue, which needs to be done before October 24.

The pre-order package will set you back £231.90, with shipments starting on January 31 next year, and if you want to know more you can always check out the statue's product page. Is this the perfect thing to be sitting on your shelf?

Dark Souls
Dark SoulsDark SoulsDark Souls
Dark Souls

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