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A trophy list from Sony's upcoming PS4 exclusive Knack has made its way onto the internet. If you're bothered by the smallest spoiler you may want to look away - or hit the back button.

Ultimate Knack - Received all trophies

Knack Master - Completed all chapters on Very Hard difficulty

Speed King - Achieved five-star ranks in all Time Attack stages

King of Battle - Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages

Perfect Action - Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above

Combo Professional - Achieved 50 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped

Forced Breakthrough - Defeated the three Gatekeeper Goblins and cleared Chapter 3-2 without dying

King of Adventure - Discovered all of the treasure chests

Doctorate - Acquired all of the Gadgets

Crystal Relic Master - Unlocked all upgraded Knack characters

Dynamic Play - Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once

Stealth Fighter - Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter

Knack Challenger - Completed all chapters on Hard difficulty or higher

Total Victory - Defeated a boss without taking damage

Chieftain Badge - Defeated the Chapter 3-5 boss

Gundahar Badge - Defeated the Chapter 7-5 boss

Katrina Badge - Defeated the Chapter 11-5 boss

Guardian Badge - Defeated the Chapter 13-5 boss

Fast Puncher - Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack

Relic Passion - Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics

Barrage - Defeated 8 or more enemies with a single Super Move

Big Throw - Defeated 5 gunships by throwing cars

Goblin Hunter - Defeated 100 goblins

Robot Hunter - Defeated 100 robots

Combo Beginner - Achieved 20 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped

Professional Intruder - Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots

Quick Work - Destroyed the 3 anti-aircraft guns in Chapter 8-2 within 5 minutes

Ruby Medal - Cleared a chapter as Vampire Knack

Aqua Medal - Defeated the Chieftain's Mech using Brittle Knack

Emerald Medal - Defeated Gundahar's Robot using Massive Knack

Sunstone Medal - Defeated Katrina's Mech using Sunstone Knack

Amethyst Medal - Defeated the Giant Orb using Dark Knack

Diamond Medal - Defeated all bosses using Diamond Knack

Seeker - Discovered a treasure chest

Parts Collector - Acquired a Gadget part

Doctor's Invention - Constructed a Gadget

Crystal Relic Collector - Acquired a Crystal Relic

New Power - Unlocked an upgraded Knack

Hoarder - Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves

Knack Beginner - Completed all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher

Relic Runner - Completed a Time Attack stage

Gladiator - Completed a Coliseum Attack stage

Source: Exophase.


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