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Knack revealed for PS4

Mark Cerny heading up development.

Tonight at Sony's press conference in New York, the first game for Playstation 4 was announced. Mark Cerny, the man responsible the new system's internal architecture, is also leading a team that is creating one of the launch titles for the next-gen console. The gameplay footage for the announced game - Knack - followed on from a tech demo for Havok, a demonstration that illustrated the power of the new system's GPU and 8-core CPU. Later on during the announcement we were also shown remote play with PS Vita direct out of the box.

There wasn't too much detail revealed about the game, but we did get a small glimpse of story, with a cartoonish human race fighting goblins in an epic war. Knack is a character fighting in this war, and despite looking like a loveable little urchin, he can grow into a much more powerful creature made up of bits of futuristic technology, held together by some kind of futuristic energy field.

Ultimately the game looked like it was straight out of a Pixar movie, with smooth animations, and incredible detail. If the next-gen looks this good, we're in for a real treat.


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