Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies gets a hefty amount of gameplay footage

Including the adorable Friend Heart.

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Nintendo's adorable Kirby is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 16 as part of Kirby Star Allies, and now Nintendo has released a new video showing some of the game's different features, including two new levels (Nature's Navel & Fortress of Shadows), co-op play, and of course a boss fight.

As has been a custom in Kirby games in the past, the idea is to swallow enemies to get their powers, although Star Allies will also feature Friend Heart, which you can use to charm your enemies instead of eating them. These charmed enemies are handled either with an AI or up to three other players, and on top of that you can also perform devastating combo attacks with your allies.

Will this be the next big hit for the Switch?

Kirby Star Allies

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