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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Kinguin signs on the former Lounge Gaming squad, D&G

Online key reseller gets back in the esports team business as they bring on promising Polish line-up.

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Online game key selling website Kinguin is back to running their own esports teams. Yesterday, the reseller announced that they had signed on Polish Counter-Strike team Dobry&Gaming, the team that until recently played as Lounge Gaming.

Although the new Team Kinguin squad hasn't posted any major results yet (qualifying for DreamHack Masters Malmö and DreamHack Tours are among their biggest caps), there's still been plenty of buzz around the team. The team is regarded as having great potential, in time possibly knocking Virtus.Pro off the throne as Poland's best Counter-Strike team. Provided they'll be able to realize that potential, this is a smart signing by Kinguin.

Kinguin has been in the Counter-Strike team business before. Last year, they signed on the squad of Maikelele, SKYTTEN (later replaced by current Fantic player dennis), rain, ScreaM and fox. That team later became G2.Kinguin, and later still signing on with FaZe Clan.

At the time when Kinguin sold their old team to G2, word was that the company was refocusing their esports sponsorship efforts and would refrain from running their own team again. Obviously, that's changed.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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