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King's Quest

King's Quest: "We wanted to focus on the awkward comedy"

The next chapter is a romantic comedy and we had a chat with The Odd Gentlemen.

The third chapter of The Odd Gentleman's episodic King's Quest title - Once Upon A Climb - is fast approaching and we caught up with creative director Matt Korba to learn more about the romantic comedy that is Chapter III.

Romantic comedy is not a very common theme in video games, and can be a bit of a challenge to pull off.

"We never shy away from a challenge," says Korba. "There has been some prior art, it not too much like a dating simulator, but there's Japanese dating simulators, there's Mass Effect type games where you can match up with people. But we really wanted to focus more on the awkward comedy aspect of it. I haven't seen too many games that have tried that."

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King's Quest Chapter III: Once Upon A Climb will see release on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on April 26.

We made it through the news piece without mentioning the hat. Almost.

King's Quest
King's QuestKing's QuestKing's QuestKing's Quest
King's QuestKing's QuestKing's Quest
King's QuestKing's Quest

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