Kingmakers looks even more awesome and ridiculous in its latest trailer

The indie title ponders the question as to how modern vehicles and weapons would have affected medieval warfare.

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There are perhaps only a handful of games that have attempted to combine two wildly different concepts in the same way as Redemption Road's Kingmakers. This game is an action title that poses the question of how medieval warfare would differ if you introduced machine guns, cars, motorbikes, tanks, grenade launches, and a whole slate of other modern elements. Needless to say it looks absolutely awesome.

The game is slated to debut sometime this year on PC, and as part of the recent TinyBuild Connect show, a new trailer arrived giving us a further glimpse and teaser of what we can look forward to whenever the release date does ultimately come.

Check it out below and then be sure to head to Steam to slap Kingmakers on your wishlist. We sure as hell are going to.


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