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Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns getting challenge islands in late August

Players will be put to test with a free update designed to test veteran players with challenging new scenarios designed to push your royal skills to the limit.

Earlier today, Raw Fury Games unveiled a new update for strategy game Kingdom Two Crowns. On August 29, the title will receive a free content update that adds three so-called 'Challenge Islands' - which are new lands for you to conquer (when you have the required skill, of course).

According to the publisher, they are aimed for only the most experienced players. For example, there is no second chance for your monastery to persist, so you are only allowed one try per play-through, while co-op options have also been disabled.

On the first island, which is called Dire Island, you have a mighty Dire Wolf as a mount, which should come in handy when it comes to destroying the multiple Greed Lairs encountered on Skull Island. The ravaged kingdom of Plague Island poses additional challenges for our residents as a mysterious disease turns them into nasty enemies from time to time.

Incidentally, this new content wasn't developed by the previous team, but by a studio called Coatsink, and it'll be available for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One later this month.

Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two Crowns

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