Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III's Re Mind DLC gets trailer and winter launch

The Tokyo Game Show gives us another trailer to celebrate, this time for the latest episode in Square Enix's RPG.

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Square Enix has celebrated the Tokyo Game Show this upcoming weekend with a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III's DLC called Re Mind, which will arrive this winter to bring us new obstacles and bosses, fleshing out the acclaimed RPG that landed at the beginning of 2019.

Sora's new battle form can be seen in the trailer below, and the DLC will take us to a familiar realm. You can switch characters in some of the extra battles available, and we can expect to find out more when the expansion arrives later this year.

If you have yet to play the base game then be sure to check out our review, since we rather enjoyed revisiting the series.

Is this DLC looking good?

Kingdom Hearts III

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