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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come's "Hardcore mode lifts it to another level of survival"

Warhorse's Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told us about the recently released Hardcore mode.

This week Warhorse Studios released a new Hardcore mode for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, an update which gives brave players the chance to increase the level of simulation in the historical RPG, making a tough medieval challenge altogether more dangerous.

"There were people out there who said Kingdom Come was not hardcore enough," PR man Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told us during E3. "I know there are crazy people out there, so we have a Hardcore mode which is pretty much shaping this game into a survival RPG because all of a sudden you have no markers anymore on the map so you need to navigate by natural things, signs you find in the world, and then compare it to the map you can see."

Stolz-Zwilling continued: "You have no stamina and health bar anymore, you have negative perks which you need to carry with you in the entire game which is like, I don't know, glass bones so that every small height you fall from can injure you, or tapeworms so whatever you eat is not really helping you so you need to eat more and more often."

Players will have to choose two negative perks (including Brittle Bones, Nightmares, or Claustrophobia) and live with them for the entirety of the game. Upon completion of the game with said negative perks, new achievements will unlock.

"The game will not autosave anymore so you really have to drink that Savior Schnapps that people love and hate - you have to do it (or sleep at your place, which comes in handy when you have From the Ashes because you have your own village, right?). So the Hardcore mode really lifts this to another level of survival."

From the Ashes is the upcoming town-building DLC coming to the game soon (more on that and the future of the game can be found here). The Hardcore mode, on the other hand, is free to download and available now.

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