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KiNG take home the FIFA eClub World Cup trophy

Nicolas99fc and F2Tekkz came in as heavyweights and left as winners of the event in London this past weekend.

The FIFA eClub World Cup competition took place in London this past weekend, and considering the talent that KiNG Esports had at their disposal - Nicolas 'Nicolas99FC' Villalba and Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt - you might not be surprised to hear that they were named the top team in the scene after the dust had settled.

Danish side Brøndby had claimed victory in the past two installments, but the PlayStation and Xbox giants representing KiNG fought to make this theirs, although this wasn't without fault. Both sides lost 1v1 matches in the knockout rounds after all, and Nicolas99fc even lost 4-0.

Dijon was their adversary in the final, coming from Team Vitality as loanees, but with KiNG's win they earned themselves $40,000 USD as a prize. All credit to Dijon though as they became the first Turkish side ever to appear in the competition, shocking the world in the process.

F2Tekkz is a player that's had mixed success, as he's won key events in FIFA 18 and 19 but has bowed out early on in other competitions. Here's what he had to say after his win in London though:

"I haven't won for a while, I always lose in the semi-finals, so I will be posting the leaderboards out tonight. Everyone thought I'd be gone after the patch (latest update), but I'm still here!"

You can watch a recap of day two down below. Were KiNG always your favourites?

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