King of Seas

King of Seas lets you conquer the ocean

From Italy comes a salty pirate adventure by developer 3DClouds.it and it's set to release this Autumn.

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Sea of Thieves has proven to be a huge success for Rare over the years, but some people just can't find their access to this kind of game. Therefore, the Italian developers from 3DClouds are trying a different approach, as they announced King of Seas today, a title that is marketed as an action RPG. You can expect procedurally generated worlds, explosive pirate ship battles, trading and treasure hunting. Interaction with NPCs should also play a bigger role in King of Seas, which is why we are looking forward to first gameplay impressions.

A specific release date is not yet available, but players on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One can expect the title this autumn.

King of SeasKing of SeasKing of SeasKing of Seas
King of Seas
King of SeasKing of SeasKing of Seas

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