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King of Fighters XIV

King of Fighters XIV's graphical update detailed

And free costume available for a short time.

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When SNK teased that the next King of Fighters XIV update will include graphical upgrades they didn't want to share any specific details. Now they do.

They mostly just revealed what we pretty much knew already, that it'll boast improved shaders and lighting. However, they're also increasing the total number of colour variants per character from four to six. The update is set to arrive on January 11, but we'll get a special demo that shows off the improvements before that. You can also see some of the changes in the screens below.

King of Fighters XIVKing of Fighters XIVKing of Fighters XIV

We've also gotten a treat for Christmas, as we can download a new free costume for Athena Asamiya right now. The costume is based on her iconic KOF '98 look, and will be free till January 22. You can see that and the graphical upgrades in the trailer below.

King of Fighters XIV

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