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Iron Harvest

King Art's Iron Harvest is coming in 2019

Travel to an alternate 1920s where machines are used in battle.

King Art might not be a studio which immediately rings a bell, but they're the studio behind the Book of Unwritten Tales series, and their upcoming project definitely warrants your attention. It's called Iron Harvest, and it takes place in an alternative version of the 1920s, but where hulking machines are used as weapons.

The setting is developed by Polish artist Jakub Różalski, and sees three separate factions vying for domination, the Saxony, Polania, and Rusviet empires. In terms of gameplay, though, it's a fast-paced strategy game with separate hero characters, controllable mechs, and destructible environments, and it's set to debut on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019.

Below you can catch the very first gameplay trailer, as well as some artwork. Is this alternate 1920s a setting you want to see more of?

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Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest

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