Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall adds clan support next month

Guerrilla Games issues apology over the delay.

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Guerrilla Games have gone on the record detailing the rollout of the promised clan system for Killzone: Shadow Fall, and starting with patch 1.09 that is set to release in February the first features will appear.

"We truly appreciate the passion you've demonstrated in helping Killzone Shadow Fall become the best it can be, and we apologize for the time it's taking to implement our full vision for the clan system. To make the wait more bearable, we've decided to roll out clan features in multiple phases."

These first clan features includes displaying the clan name beside the player name in-game and adding basic clan features to the website (such as creating clans, adding/removing members, and handling promotions). These basic features will be expanded upon in future updates based on feedback. Guerrilla also teased new multiplayer content in the shape of soon-to-be-released free maps as well as a soon-to-be-announced DLC expansion. Soon seemingly being the key word.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

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