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Killzone 2 dev: Xbox Series X advantage is "quite staggering"

Killzone 2 game designer Chris Grannell states that the Xbox Series X advantage over the PlayStation 5 is significant.

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A lot of people with more or less knowledge of console tech have shared their opinions regarding the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. But when an actual developer responsible for titles like Killzone 2 and several Formula 1 games has something to share on the topic - it is usually extra interesting.

Veteran game designer Chris Grannell wrote a response on Twitter in a discussion about hardware, and claims that the difference in hardware power between Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X is "quite staggering":

"I've chatted to a few devs and they have confirmed the power difference is quite staggering. However they have said it doesn't mean you can't make good games on the PS5. These fanboys clearly don't care about that and are massively rattled."

Which devs Grannell has been talking to is unknown, but since he left Sony, he has founded the sports tech company Urban Zoo, which he is currently also CEO of.

Killzone 2 dev: Xbox Series X advantage is "quite staggering"

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