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Killsquad is heading into Early Access in July

We talked to the game's creators during E3, where we were told about Novarama's plan to make a short, tight action-RPG experience.

Killsquad is heading into early access next month, developer Novarama has confirmed. The action-RPG, which borrows ideas from the MOBA genre among other things, is heading to Steam Early Access on July 16.

We recently talked to Novarama's Daniel Sánchez at E3, and there he told us a bit about the game, which puts players in the shoes of a group of bounty hunters out for cash and glory.

"Killsquad is a dream project of Novarama because for a long time we've been a huge fan of games like Diablo, Left 4 Dead, Heroes of the Storm," Sánchez told us in LA, "so we wanted to do something in that space. And so with Killsquad, that's what we tried to do."

"It's an action-RPG but the focus is to give you something that's really, really short and really tight as an experience. So the average mission in Killsquad lasts half an hour, and then the progression during that mission is similar to Heroes of the Storm," the man from Novarama explained.

"So characters are going to always start Level 1 on that mission, and during the level, they're going to level up and gain new skills, and of course these skills are depending on their class because we have different character classes.

"So again, what we're trying to do is a very classic RPG, but also an RPG that takes ideas from MOBAs, takes ideas from games like Left 4 Dead - so there's a little bit of all the games we've loved through the years in this game."

Check out the full interview below.

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