Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black's Xbox launch has been delayed

The title was supposed to be part of this month's new arrivals on Games Pass.

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Killer Queen Black, one of the title's previously revealed to be coming to Xbox Games Pass this month, has been delayed to Q1 2021. The developer claims the delay has been down to its "commitment to quality" and states that the extra time will allow them to "deliver an exceptional experience across platforms and with our new Xbox players."

For those who are unaware, Killer Queen Black is a strategic multiplayer for up to eight players that is inspired by the popular arcade game of the same name. The game originally launched on the PC and Nintendo Switch in late 2019, and the Xbox version of the game was announced last December. This Xbox version is said to include cross-play with both the Switch and PC versions, which should help to expand the overall player base.

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Killer Queen Black

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