Kill to Collect

Kill to Collect - a co-op roguelike from Pieces Interactive

Inspired by cyberpunk mangas from the 80s and sporting licensed synthwave soundtrack.

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Pieces Interactive is one of many mid-sized independent Swedish developers who have been around for a while, but perhaps without truly standing out and making a name for themselves. Best known as the chief studio behind Magicka 2 and much of the DLC for the original Magicka, Pieces Interactive are branching out with a game they're publishing themselves on Steam this spring - Kill to Collect.

Described as an action roguelike for 1-4 players (co-op) it is themed around bounty hunting in a universe inspired by cyberpunk mangas of the 1980s. It also sports a licensed synthwave soundtrack that we have to say (having briefly sampled a preview build recently) truly adds much to the immersion.

The gameplay is based a lot around movement where you need to analyse the enemy patterns to find gaps to safely attack them, while making sure you preserve your most precious resource - your health. The maps are procedurally generated, and unlike what the case is in the Magicka franchise friendly-fire is limited to area of effect attacks and things like exploding barrels.

Anyway, without further ado - here's the teaser trailer.

Kill to Collect
Kill to CollectKill to CollectKill to Collect

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