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Gears 5

Kill rabbits in Gears 5 to celebrate Easter

It's kill or be killed action this Easter.

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With Easter around the corner, more and more developers are announcing how they will celebrate this in their games. We recently covered the egg hunt in Fallout 76, and now The Coalition has spilled their beans for Gears 5.

While it does include rabbits, it isn't exactly cute festivities planned, as you are supposed to kill them in what is called Bunny Hunt Versus Event, which starts today and runs for two weeks! On the other hand, these bunnies look brutal and if you don't, you'll probably end up dead yourself. Check out the complete rules and images under the image:

Gears 5

"With Easter being very close, we have a special Versus event for you, Bunny Hunt.
A variant of Guardian, You'll spawn in with Longshots and will have one objective, kill the enemy bunny leader!

To celebrate this event, we have a special Medal group you can complete, which will grant you an appropriately themed Easter skin, the Rabid Grenadier.

• Big Bunny Energy - Get 5 kills as the Leader in the Bunny Hunt Versus Event
• Bunny Hunt Body Count - Get 50 Eliminations in the Bunny Hunt Versus Event
• Veteran Bunny Hunter - Complete 10 Rounds in the Bunny Hunt Versus Event

The event will run for two weeks, giving you plenty of time to grab the skin and check out the mode!"

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