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Kiki Wolfkill has left 343 Industries

The Halo veteran moves on and is now working for Xbox IP Expansion and Entertainment.

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Kiki Wolfkill is one of the true veterans who was with Microsoft's Xbox team pretty much from the very beginning, working on games like Midtown Madness and Project Gotham Racing. When 343 Industries was founded in 2008, she joined them and has been with the studio over since, producing Halo games and most recently the Halo TV series as the Halo Transmedia and Entertainment boss.

But it seems like she has changed her employer since November, possibly related to the 10,000 layoffs that was recently confirmed from Microsoft. Thanks to her LinkedIn, we now know that she is working as Head of Xbox IP Expansion and Entertainment. We assume this means she will have considerably less input on everything Halo as a result of this.

In September, the 343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross also left the developer, and two weeks ago, the Halo Infinite director and franchise veteran Joseph Staten left the studio to return to Xbox's publishing division (where he worked before).

Kiki Wolfkill has left 343 Industries

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