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Kid spends over $4,500 in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode

Parents didn't realise son used credit card to improve his team.

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Jeremy Hillman shared a story on his blog that many parents will be able to sympathise with. His son, a huge FIFA 15 fan (in particular the Ultimate Team Mode mode), spent thousands of dollars on player packs on his Xbox (it's not specified whether Xbox One or Xbox 360), without his parents knowledge or permission.

According to Hillman, when he looked at his bank account he realised that they were sending far too much money to Microsoft. When questioned his son confessed that he was buying player packs for Ultimate Team Mode, taking advantage after his father had used his credit card to buy the digital version of FIFA 15 and had left his details linked to the account.

It was only after he contacted Microsoft that Hillman realised that the problem was much more serious than first thought - the bill had already passed $4,500.

Although he acknowledges that he should have paid more attention to what his son was doing on his console, he still points the finger at Microsoft for not having more effective preventative measures for these type of situations, giving the example of Apple in which you must enter a password for each transaction (to be fair to Microsoft, the preventative measures on Xbox One are much improved over Xbox 360).

Hillman says that while the debt of $4,500 is hard to stomach, they will be able to recover relatively quickly by simply giving up some luxuries. However, not all families are able to do this, and many more are facing similar problems, not only with video games, but because of purchases made on multiple devices via digital stores.


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