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Freud's Bones

Kickstarter game Freud's Bones is all about Sigmund

It's a fascinating adventure game developed by a young indie developer called Axel Fox.

The Italian video game scene is constantly growing, thanks in part due to the creativity and energy of Italian indie developers. Among the latest batch of promising studios to surface there's Fortuna Imperatore (aka Axel Fox), a video game developer who is preparing to launch her debut adventure game, Freud's Bones, on Kickstarter.

The ambitious project is a daring point-and-click adventure dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. The player must reveal a clinical picture of their patients, subjecting them to real psychoanalysis sessions.

The idea of ​​such a fascinating and courageous game stems from Fortuna's background, as she's a young self-taught video game developer who graduated in psychology. Her deep knowledge of the subject matter runs through the entire experience in Freud's Bones, which also provides players with important historical and scientific notions to contextualise what they are playing.

The Freud's Bones Kickstarter campaign is ready to start on July 6 and you can subscribe to the newsletterright now. A demo will also be available soon which will allow potential backers to get a look at the project and then support it.

Freud's Bones
Freud's BonesFreud's BonesFreud's Bones

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