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Kickstarter board game Chronicle X funded in under an hour

Multiple stretch goals have already been hit.

Archon Studio's board game Chronicle X recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, and it turns out that the game was fully funded in under an hour, with the 22 of the stretch goals unlocked, including 16 new miniatures for the game, new item, mission, and base cards, and a solo/co-op mode.

The tactical board game is for two to seven players and features 34 detailed miniatures, with one taking the role of the Overmind - the leader of an army of aliens - while the other players are members of the Chronicle X team looking to save the planet. The Chronicle X players must use abilities, weapons, and materials to upgrade their base and complete their mission, while the Overmind's power increases as the game goes on, allowing for more powerful alien forces.

"The story of Chronicle X begins after humanity has lost control of the Earth," the official description reads. "The Grays, an alien species of spies and assassins, crippled the world's governments, militaries and infrastructure before striking a decisive blow in the form of a full-scale invasion across the planet. All that remains to challenge the Grays is a small group of soldiers, scientists and terrorists known as Chronicle X. Can Chronicle X push back this alien onslaught and save humanity, or will the Grays' tighten their grasp and Earth be lost forever?"

You can find more details over on the Kickstarter page, but how far do you think the Kickstarter campaign can go?