Kia is revealing a new compact electric SUV later this month

A new iteration of the EV3 is on its way.

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Kia will be expanding its range of electric cars later this month, as the car maker has announced that it will be lifting the curtain on a new compact electric SUV. Specifically, it will be a new version of the EV3, which is promised to offer "bold, geometric and robust aspects of the EV3's exterior design while highlighting its dynamic styling."

The finer details about the car are currently being kept under wraps, with Kia instead favouring to throw out a ton of elusive and broad terms and phrases, such as it being "a compact yet comprehensively equipped EV SUV that offers outstanding performance through its incorporation of innovative technologies," and it being "foundation for continuity throughout the brand's model range and gives the freedom for each vehicle to express its unique character."

We'll have more specific details to share soon however, as the EV3 will be revealed in full on May 23 at 11:00 BST / 12:00 CEST on Kia's social channels.

Kia is revealing a new compact electric SUV later this month
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