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Khosmium switches from Solana to Hedera to improve its performance and Fun-to-Play system

The decentralised public network is a greener option, and allows you to enjoy the performance of an AAA with P2E functions and use of NFT.

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Major changes in the model of Khosmium, the Spanish development that combines RTS, MOBA and RPG genres with NFT and Play-to-Earn. Although it was originally being developed to operate from Solana's blockchain, it has now decided to migrate its systems to Hedera Hashgraph, which instead of operating as a blockchain operates as a public ledger in which all operations can be recorded simultaneously, and which operates without requiring permissions.

This system streamlines processes and encourages exploration of the concept that its creators at Mindiff Technology call Fun-to-Play. According to its official website, it has a negative carbon commitment that makes it an even greener option than the Solana chain.

Khosmium now faces a new phase in its development and also confirms that there will be an open beta of the game during the first quarter of 2023. You can see what the game and its systems look like in the trailer below, as well as remember our interview with its CMO Alfredo Bárcena.


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