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Rainbow Six: Siege

Key word for Rainbow Six esports in the future is 'stability'

We spoke with esports director François-Xavier Deniele in Montreal.

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Not too long ago Ubisoft revealed its esports plans for Rainbow Six: Siege over the next two years, and we caught up with esports director François-Xavier Deniele at the Six Invitational competition to see what's important for him right now.

"For me the other aspect that's really important today, that you can see at the Six Invitational, is the introduction of the big organisations," he told us. "It was a year of negotiation. They are trusting in our game, they are trusting into our esports strategy right now, and I'm really proud to have teams like Team Liquid, FaZe, and Evil Geniuses here at the Six Invitational."

We also asked about the changes coming to the esports scene, and what's important here:

"So the main change we do is a change of the format. The key word of that is 'stability' of the scene. The introduction of organisation, having more LAN events, was key for us, so that's why we decided to completely change the format of competition by having more LAN events and also a six-month League. Why it's important [is] because for the teams, for the players, it will secure a time for them to be sure they are part of the Pro League."

"We are keeping with the idea of sticking with the release of the DLC, which is for us important because it's not just an announcement but a celebration every time with have a final of esports, and at the same time it's also, as we announced, the introducing of DreamHack. So we have different DreamHack all around the year which for us is very important because it will allow our community to test themselves against the pro players, which for me is a big part of esports."

Do you think the changes made to esports over the next two years are for the better?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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