Deadpool & Wolverine

Kevin Feige describes the MCU as the 'underdog'

And it seems he's happier for things to be this way.

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The MCU dominated the box office in the 2010s. There wasn't anything quite like it, and it truly felt like we were in an age of superhero dominance, whether that was to your tastes or it wasn't. Now, it's much less of a powerhouse, and recent movies have been very hit or miss.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Kevin Feige said he's appreciating being on the backfoot once more, as it's akin to when the MCU experiment began. "It's nice to be able to rally behind one feature project this year," he said. "I'm much more comfortable being the underdog. I prefer being able to surprise, and exceed expectations. So it does seem like the last year, which has not been ideal, has set us up well for that."

Even if it appears we should keep our expectations in check, there's still a lot of anticipation from fans for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine. Since it's the MCU's only theatrical release this year as well, there's quite a bit riding on it being good.

Deadpool & Wolverine

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