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Kevin Costner's time as the head of the Dutton family is over

The actor will not be returning to Yellowstone after Season 5 wraps up.

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Yellowstone has become an absolutely massive drama series that has captivated Paramount+ fans all over the world. While the show is currently half way through its fifth season (albeit with two spin-offs existing as well), this ongoing season will be the last before some major changes.

And we say this because ET has now reported that Kevin Costner will not be returning to the drama show for a sixth season. The situation behind why Costner is leaving the show seems to revolve around drama between the actor and the series' creator Taylor Sheridan.

The report also adds that there is no update on when the cast and crew will return to Montana to finish shooting the remaining episodes for Season 5, and that there is "a lot of confusion and frustration".

With this being the case, it does seem unlikely that Season 5 will wrap up this summer, as was expected by most fans following the season kicking off in December 2022.


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