Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1

Kevin Costner will continue to stake his fortune on Horizon: An American Saga

Costner says he'll "go as far as my money takes me."

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We've known for a while that Kevin Costner has been part-bankrolling the creation and production of Horizon: An American Saga, with two films already complete and set to release this summer, and a third currently in production. Costner is aiming to make four movies in this saga, and speaking about how the funding for these projects is being handled, Costner told The Hollywood Reporter at Cannes he'll "go as far as my money takes me."

Costner stated that he had to pause the production of the third movie just three days in, in order to attend Cannes and to premiere Chapter 1 of the saga. He noted, "coming here was so important for me, to come to a place where movies are viewed in a very open way was important to me."

He also says that Cannes is very important in the process of securing funding for the third and fourth chapters of the film, and that he has "knocked on every boat in Cannes" as part of this process. But regardless of whether outside sources help bankroll the project, Costner is still willing to dish out his fortune and his multiple properties to continue making this film series, and that he'll "risk those homes to make my movies... my children will have to live their own lives."

Do you think Horizon is a good bet for Costner?

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1

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