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Kevin Costner begged and pleaded with Paramount to come back to Yellowstone

But Paramount has decided to head a different direction.

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What really happened? Did Kevin Costner actually get fired or did he voluntarily quit the popular TV series Yellowstone? Either way, it looks like the fifth season will also be the final one, and that it will happen without the star's participation.

However, according to a new report, Costner has wanted to return to the show. So much so that the actor's representatives are said to have "begged and pleaded" with Paramount executives to reprise the role and also look into the possibility of a sixth and seventh season. All according to information leaked by Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni.

However, Costner's return is also said to have come with a list of demands including a higher salary, the right to influence the script and a shorter shooting schedule. Paramount kindly but firmly refused, and according to Comingsoon, the chances of Costner returning to the series are now zero.

What will happen with the series and the ranch owner John Dutton remains to be seen and the series creator Taylor Sheridan has expressed his interest in killing off the character. However, according to the contract, he must have Kevin Costner's approval to do so, so it is unlikely to happen. As if all this were not enough, Costner's threat to sue the entire production remains.

An incomparable circus and it is not the first time that Costner is portrayed as a difficult individual to work with. Something that has also been mentioned several times when linked to the films produced with him when the actor was at his absolute peak in Hollywood - Dances with Wolves, Waterworld, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Postman to name a few.


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