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Tekken 7

Ketchup helping to deliver Tekken 7 Summer Skirmish

Eight of the best UK players will face off.

Caster Ryan 'Ketchup' Neal has announced on Twitter that ESL are helping to deliver the Tekken 7 Summer Skirmish competition in the UK, where eight of the best UK players will face off in an online invitational.

The competition will start on August 21 (next Tuesday) at 19:00 BST with KaneAndTrench taking on Fumaken, and you can watch all the action over on Twitch.

"On the back of last years Tekken 7 UK Championship, the UK Tekken scene has shown up consistently and has been an impressive force to be reckoned with at majors around the world," the ESL Facebook page reads.

Will you be tuning in?

Tekken 7

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