Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2 to debut in February

The simulation sequel will arrive in Early Access in a few months.

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Private Division and Intercept Games has set a date for when players can look forward to checking out the simulation sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2. Planned to arrive into Early Access on February 24, 2023, the game will be getting an array of updates throughout its time before officially launching in the future.

We're told in a press release that the game will arrive on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and that it will feature over 350 parts to build the rockets of your dreams with, all alongside new gameplay features that aim to promote even longer distance flights. New players will no doubt also be happy to hear that there will be improved tutorials and a better onboarding sequence in this sequel.

"We are so excited to release Kerbal Space Program 2 in Early Access because it will allow Kerbal fans to see for themselves all the amazing progress we've made as we reach the final stages of development," said Nate Simpson, creative director at Intercept Games. "At its heart, KSP2 is about exploration, discovery, and conquering the force of gravity by adding more boosters."

Will you be jumping into Kerbal Space Program 2 when it arrives in February?

Kerbal Space Program 2

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