Deliver Us Mars

KeokeN Interactive lays off the rest of its team

But promises that it will still eventually make Deliver Us Home.

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While layoff announcements have become less frequent over the past month or so, we're still in a year where thousands and thousands of employees in the gaming industry have lost their jobs. While KeokeN Interactive already was forced to make layoffs to staunch financial bleeding, the developer has now announced that it has been forced to layoff the rest of its team too.

In a post on X, KeokeN's Koen and Paul Deetman have said that following failure to generate publishing, work for hire, or co-development options at GDC recently, the company has had to release the rest of its employees.

Speaking about the decision, CEO Koen Deetman states, "Paul and I are heavily beat, but far from beaten. It's our personal mission to rebuild KeokeN brick by brick like we've done before, in the name of our people and to continue the legacy of our games."

In the spirit of this a plan has been announced to create and setup a Kickstarter, which will help the developer generate the necessary funding that will be needed to create Deliver Us Home, the third part of the Deliver Us series, a "game we will build for you and with you" as the Deetmans add.

Deliver Us Mars

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