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Keisuke Kikuchi would "very much like" a Fairy Tail sequel

The first isn't even out yet, but he considers the world expansive enough to justify another RPG.

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Gust, responsible for the Atelier series, is working on a Fairy Tail JRPG alongside Koei Tecmo, and while this first game isn't out yet, producer Keisuke Kikuchi told Twinfinite in an interview that he's already thinking about a sequel.

"Considering that Fairy Tail is such a grand story with so many characters and so much that you can do, it would be a shame if we stopped with just one," he said. "If we do well, yes, I'd very much like to create a sequel."

If you're wondering how much input Fairy Tail's creator Hiro Mashima is having with this project, then rest assured, as he's heavily involved.

"As the creator, he thoroughly reviews the models and character animations. On top of that, we have many meetings with him," Kikuchi said.

"This week we took this built to him, and since he's such an avid gamer himself, he asked many questions and made suggestions. Those creative discussions are both encouraging and helpful for the team."

"In terms of story, the game does follow that of the anime, but we will have original character-related episodes. For those, we always go to Mashima-sensei to get his approval."

In fact, there are a lot of steps being taken to ensure this is faithful to the series, including using the same actors for the characters.

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Fairy Tail

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