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Keemstar in talks to bring Friday Fortnite back

The competition series is incredibly popular, and the YouTuber has allegedly had requests to make it return.

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Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem is a YouTuber that dabbles in the world of gaming with the odd tournament, including his popular Friday Fortnite series, and it appears that we might see this particular competition return sooner rather than later.

Keemstar took to Twitter to reveal that "I have some meetings set up to look into bringing back #FridayFortnite. The YouTubers & Twitch streamers ask me to bring it back."

Of course Keemstar isn't one to ignore criticism, and when one commenter questioned the potential viewership, he fired back with:

"Well I have done 4 different gaming tournaments on 4 different game titles in my life & they all got millions of views.... so yeah I think people will watch #FridayFortnite when it returns."

Would you watch?


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