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Keanu Reeves may consider doing Speed 3 on one condition

The journey of Jack Traven might not be over yet.

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Since Speed was released in 1994, Keanu Reeves' career has really taken great strides and when the sequel came out, expectations were high, unfortunately it was a real flop and not only that, Keanu Reeves was missing in the role of Jack Traven. When Keanu Reeves was asked to participate in the sequel, he declined because he did not like the way the script was written and thus Sandra Bullock had to take on the role as the sole link between the two films.

During an interview with Access Hollywood at the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4, he was asked if he was willing to return for a new Speed film and his answer was: "A great story, and good yeah and great script".

Below you can watch the full interview where the question about Speed starts at 02:41.

During the filming of Speed, Keanu Reeves worked with one of the screenwriters to change the character of Jack Traven from "a maverick hotshot" to a friendly police officer who does his best to save as many people as possible.

Would you be interested in Speed 3 starring an 81-year-old Keanu?

Keanu Reeves may consider doing Speed 3 on one condition

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