Katana Zero

Katana Zero now sports a rewritten blood engine

We chat with Justin Stander about his stylish neo-noir action-platformer.

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We catch up with Katana Zero creator Justin Stander to learn more about the progress of its development and how the blood engine and narrative have evolved.

"Katana Zero is a neo-noir action-platformer with a focus on tight, fast-paced acrobatic combat. You can dodge roll, you can slash bullets back at people, you can slow down time. You can pretty much do everything you want, wall jump, etc."


We last talked with Justin Stander at GDC last year (see the interview here), and we wanted to know how development had progressed.

"Right now [at PAX East] I'm showing the first four, maybe five levels actually of the game. Everything that was in previous builds has been tightened up a lot. I rewrote the blood engine, which I feel is pretty important because the blood is just so visually striking now. You can see red streaks all across the background whenever you kill guys. I've added a bunch of story hits, which is really important. The story is finally coming together, it's becoming integrated, not just into cutscenes, but into the gameplay itself."

The plan is to finish Katana Zero this year, but that is perhaps a little optimistic according to Stander. The game is definitely coming to PC, and Stander is "very hopeful" that it will see release on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as well, but he can't promise anything just yet.

Katana Zero

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