Kaizer Chiefs signal their involvement with esports

They are involved with Rush Esports' Johannesburg event.

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Football team Kaizer Chiefs has announced that they will be participating at the Rush Esports event from July 21 to 23 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, adding to the growing list of football clubs becoming involved with esports.

"Kaizer Chiefs is a football club but our aim has always been to grow the business beyond just the football field by introducing and building the brand within new markets," said Jessica Motaung, Kaizer Chiefs' Marketing Director. "The growth of esports has been phenomenal over the last few years and we always believe in being at the forefront of what is happening in the world."

The event will host a Kaizer Chiefs esports stage where players will knock each other out in a FIFA 17 challenge in order to be the winner, with cash prizes available a well as a headset, a hamper, and a controller.

"Rush is a new initiative for South Africa that will see some of the world's leading and most popular games being played in a competitive environment by gaming and esports fans, enthusiasts and newcomers," the press release says. "With the backing of Kaizer Chiefs and other companies, the Rush initiative plans to provide hands-on access to this exciting and thrilling world of esports."

"The event is the perfect conduit for Kaizer Chiefs as trendsetters," adds Motaung. "We plan to touch and interact with young and old who are ardent gamers and those who'd like to join this revolution that's fast taking the world by storm."

For more on the event, visit the official website. Can you see a future where all top level football clubs are involved with esports?

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