Juventus to be called Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20

After the Italian team signed an exclusivity deal with eFootball PES 2020 and Konami, EA has revealed the name change, and its own deal with Liverpool FC.

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Yesterday we reported that Konami had signed a deal with Italian football team Juventus that means eFootball PES 2020 wil be the "only console game where you can play as the Italian giants," and immediately questions were raised about where this leaves FIFA, since the name, crest, and kits are included in this exclusivity deal.

Now EA has responded though, confirming that their partnership with Juventus came to an end on June 30. In another statement they explained that FIFA 20 and FIFA Mobile Seasons will feature Piemonte Calcio in Juventus' place, having a custom badge and kit.

EA clarified that the team will still feature real players, and Chemistry within Ultimate Team is unaffected by the changes. We're also reassured that "FIFA 20 will feature an extensive collection of clubs and leagues representative of The World's Game when it launches this September". What's more is that the real-world performance of Juventus players will be reflected in this team's live player ratings, and you'll still be able to play as Piemonte Calcio in Career Mode.

As much as this Juventus deal with Konami is a big blow for EA - especially considering Cristiano Ronaldo was FIFA's cover star last year - there's still plenty to look forward to with FIFA 20, as Champions League winners Liverpool FC revealed a long-term partnership with EA Sports and FIFA yesterday, and we also have the new Volta mode to enjoy as well this year.

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