Just Die Already

Just Die Already has received its first PvP mode

Players can now tear each other limbs off within four new arenas.

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The wacky and overly gory old person simulator Just Die Already has just received its first free piece of DLC after launching last month. A new PvP mode known as Farm has been added and so have four battle areas. At launch, the game had a co-op for up to four different players, but this is the first time that a competitive element has been introduced.

The Farm mode has been described as a "cat and mouse" affair where one player plays as a shotgun-wielding farmer and the other tries to steal fruit under their nose. As for the battle arenas, these are filled with many deadly weapons that you can use on your foes and there are a variety of different game modes that you can play. These include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Stock, Time Limit, and King of the Hill.

According to a press release that we received, this will be just the start of new DLC updates for Just Die Already, as more is planned for "the rest of 2021 and beyond."

Just Die Already

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