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Jurassic World headlines Games with Gold in December

You'll get to play two games based on popular movies, a bloodsucking remaster, and some crazy robot cards this holiday.

Isn't it fun when Sony and Microsoft reveal the upcoming month's PlayStation Plus games and Games with Gold close to each other? We definitely think so, and it happened today.

Shortly after the Polish PlayStation department made a mistake and accidentally revealed December's PlayStation Plus games a tad early (Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross), Microsoft announced that the Games with Gold line-up will look like this next month:

Insane Robots the entire month
Jurassic World Evolution from December 16 through January 15
Toy Story 3: The Video Game from December 1 through December 15
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD from December 16 through December 31

What do you think about December's selection?

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