Jupiter Hell

Jupiter Hell is the next game from DoomRL devs

ChaosForge are looking for support on Kickstarter.

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ChaosForge, the creators of the roguelike rendition of Doom (DoomRL), have a little over 2 weeks left on the Kickstarter for their next game, and are only half-way towards meeting their goal. Jupiter Hell is a roguelike with much of the same themes as the studio's previous game, that puts the player in a 90s inspired sci-fi universe.

The game borrows concepts from early turn-based RPG's but gives them a modern spin, revitalised in a 3D engine. It certainly appears to be an interesting take on the many genres it takes from, and if DoomRL is any indicator, it will definitely be made to a high standard.

The developers are asking for £60,000 for the game, and there's quite a few attractive tiers to choose from. A mere £16 will get you a copy of the game, a free wallpaper, and access to an exclusive backer forum where you can be amongst the first to get updates on the game's progress. You can read more and make a pledge to the game's Kickstarter, should you wish here.

With 14 days to go on the campaign it is more than halfway towards its goal, but still needs a good sprint to succeed.

Jupiter Hell
Jupiter Hell

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