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Junior Rogue is a new program to train Fortnite players

Powered by Rogue and Find Your Grind.

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The Vegas-based esports organisation Rogue has partnered with Find Your Grind (with backing from ReKTGlobal) to announced the Junior Rogue Program, a semesterly system that will provide young Fortnite players with mentoring from Rogue's players, giving them a chance to learn about the industry via a structured accelerator program.

Streamer Benjamin 'DrLupo' Lupo will be one of the personalities that'll take part in the program, which begins on October 8. These Junior Rogue players will also receive formal recognition from Rogue, streaming and graphic assets for their social media and streaming channels, promotion from Rogue, access to Find Your Grind events, and exclusive recognition, not to mention weekly seminars on esports careers, game nights, and workshops.

"Team Rogue and ReKTGlobal have given us a phenomenal opportunity to reach young gamers interested in pursuing esports as a lifestyle," said Nick Gross, Founder of Find Your Grind. "With the Junior Rogue program, we hope to make esports careers more accessible to a wider group of young people and open their eyes to new opportunities."

"The goal of the program is to teach these players about lifestyles and careers in esports and gaming so they can learn from real life stories from people in the industry," added Amish Shah, Founder of ReKTGlobal and co-owner of Team Rogue. "Not everyone is going to be the next DrLupo or Ninja. We want to help prepare them for their futures both inside and outside the game."

Each player also gets a $500 USD scholarship to let them continue their development, and a travel stipend is also provided to help them get to the FYG and Junior Rogue events.

Applications are available right here, but you'd best be quick, as the deadline is October 1 at 17:00 PDT.

Does this sound appealing to you?

Photo: Find Your Grind and Rogue

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