Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Jumpthrow script added to CS:GO rulebook for StarLadder

This script will be allowed at Minor and Major esports events, and the community has a lot of thoughts on this inclusion.

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If you've been playing CS:GO for a while you might know of something called the jumpthrow script, which is a binding that makes you jump and throw a grenade at the same time. Usually scripts aren't allowed in CS:GO esports competitions, but it turns out that StarLadder is allowing this one, as shared by Yehor Kolomiets on Twitter.

This update was made in conjunction with the Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association and developer Valve, and lets the script be used during LAN games of any of the Minors or Majors.

"Using any of scripts is prohibited. Scripts are understood as binding two or more different
activities on one button by current rules," the rules read. "Exception given for the scripts using for jumpthrow and quickbuy."

What do you make of this update?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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