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Jump trucks in Clustertruck

Landfall Games and Tiny Build show off crazed platformer.

When it comes to designing video games even the silliest of ideas can provide fruitful (just ask the Goat Simulator devs), and we may have to file the latest effort from Swedish indie developer Landfall Games (Air Brawl, Square Brawl) and publisher Tiny Build in the same category.

In Clustertruck you will simply jump around on moving trucks driven by some seriously poor drivers. The full game will offer a campaign (we're curious as to whether there will be a story or not), unlockable abilities (slow motion, double jump, levitation), replays, level editor and Steam Workshop support.

Clustertruck is planned for release on Steam (PC, Mac and Linux/SteamOS) this fall. If you can't wait that long to jump trucks you may want to sign up for alpha testing (begins February 5) over here.

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