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Dragon Quest Treasures

Jump into an epic journey for treasure with Dragon Quest Treasures

The new spin-off of the series will tell Dragon`s Quest XI character's childhood.

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At the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation were various Square Enix showings. This included Harvestella, a game that combines life simulation with action-RPG gameplay, but there was also Dragon Quest Treasures, another addition for this long-standing JRPG series.

This treasure hunting game will be feature a much younger version of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Past characters: Erik and Mia. In comparison with the first sequel, this is a softer adventure based on the recruitment of some classic Dragon Quest monsters. Slimes and Drackys to help us in the valuable objects and treasure search, reaching inaccessible areas from another mode, and helping us in the fight with treasure guardians. The value of the player's vault will be increased by collection treasures, allowing him to expand his base of operations and his friendly team of monsters.

Coming exclusively for Nintendo Switch, this new spin-off will be released on December 9, 2022.

Dragon Quest TreasuresDragon Quest Treasures
Dragon Quest TreasuresDragon Quest Treasures
Dragon Quest TreasuresDragon Quest Treasures

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