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Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet getting timed DLC on Xbox

While the title Hot Garbage might not sound tempting, we think PlayStation 4 players will be a tad disappointed by Typhoon's latest announcement.

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One of the things Microsoft announced that it would talk about during last night's Inside Xbox was Typhoon's Journey to the Savage Planet. Turns out, it wasn't just mentioned the once.

Journey to the Savage Planet won't just make its way to Xbox Game Pass imminently. It'll also get an expansion called Hot Garbage on April 15. That date only applies to the Xbox One and Epic Games Store versions, however, as the PS4 date will be "coming soon".

Hot Garbage will take us to the planet appropriately called DL-C1, where we have to deal with the toxic waste and other dangers that await. Some of these "other dangers" include a new robot enemy, so it's nice to hear that we're getting some new equipment and abilities as well. Not that lead boots make it easier to explore underwater and fighting easier, but unlimited stamina and a suit better suited (get it?) for toxic environments will definitely come in handy. Even the jetpack seems useful... kinda. You be the judge by watching the trailer below. Does it seem to be worth £7.99?


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