Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Josef Fares: "Brothers opened up a lot of doors for me"

We talk about game narratives, what the future holds and more with Brother: A Tale of Two Sons' game director.

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We caught up with film director slash game director Josef Fares (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) to learn about his views on Microsoft's Game Camp initiative, what he's learn through the development of Brothers, what he might be up to next, Bioshock Infinite and Ken Levine's closure of Irrational Games and more.

"I would say that it's 50/50 [split between game development and movie making], we've had this interview before. You know that I was very confident at that time and of course I'm very confident now too and I still feel that the next game that I have in my mind is supercool and I'm superconfident that it's going to be something different and something that people will relate to and have fun with. But I would call myself for the moment 50 percent game director and 50 percent movie director. We'll see if that changes in the future," says Fares of his current career plans.

"It's so rare when you play a game today when you go like 'wow, this is good' and it happens more rarely for every year that goes. So hopefully indie wave or whatever you call it will actually change that."

Fares spoke at length about the current indie movement and Ken Levine's move from large scale development on Bioshock Infinite to a smaller team.


The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons concept was born a long time ago and it took several prototypes and a lot of shopping around until the film director found a home for his game at Starbreeze Studios. He stuck to his guns even when most publishers and potential partners pushed to make a co-op game (which would spoil the entire point of the game as you'll know if you've finished it). While nothing about his next project is set in stone Josef Fares had this to say on the future. Having gone through the long and hard process with Brothers, Fares is happy to say that the game "opened up a lot of doors".

"If I make another project it will be with my own studio, yes," explains Fares. "Sometime in the future - who knows when and what. But I mean, let me say this. I will definitely make more games in the future, it's just when I'm not sure of."

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